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140                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

brought him to England, and his cleverness and
knowledge of French recommended him to Dundas,
who probably is ignorant of that language.

The women here in the morning all wear
dark-purple or gray stockings with orange clocks;
large coloured shawls over their shoulders, wigs
and loose caps, with immense flapping wings to
them  such figures ! You would be amused to
see them tripping along the dirty streets, pulling
their petticoats round them, and showing their
legs up to the knees. The men all look like cut-
throats, with their long hair falling over their
faces, their coloured neck-handkerchiefs, strange-
cut coats, pantaloons, immense sticks, and fierce
cocked hats.

I supped last night with Madame de Maulde,
in company with the Commander de Dolomiere,
who has adhered to the new order of things*

November ytfh, 1796.

I have received letters from Sir S. Smith
through the minister of marine.

I begin to find myself assailed by very suspi-
cious persons offering their services to the British
Government, but am on my guard.